Independent Neurology Inquiry Chair Welcomes engagement with political representatives

27 June 2018

The Chair of the Independent Neurology Inquiry, Brett Lockhart QC confirmed that following his invite to political parties on the 11 June 2018, that the Inquiry panel would be today 27/06/2018 meeting representatives from the political parties to outline the Terms of Reference for the Inquiry.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, Mr Lockhart said that the panel welcomed the opportunity to meet with local politicians as they have raised some legitimate concerns on behalf of their constituents in relation to the scope of the Inquiry.

Mr Lockhart said, “As a panel we agreed that engagement with local representatives was important and it was on that basis that we wrote to them. It is our intention to be independent, transparent and accountable”.

In advance of the 18 May, we informed Richard Pengelly, the Permanent Secretary of the Department of Health, that we intend to interpret the terms of reference of the Inquiry widely and that will entail also listening to the voices of patients. We intend to create a mechanism whereby patients and their families will be able to present evidence to the Inquiry as part of this independent review process”.

Concluding Mr Lockhart said “We hope that our meetings with the political parties are constructive as we share their belief that any process should be patient focused and that any lessons to be learned are taken into account”.

The details of the mechanisms by which patients and their families can input into the Inquiry will be released at a later date when the logistics and support to the Inquiry are established over the next few weeks.  The Inquiry is currently in the process of moving into its own offices. 

Notes to Editors:

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