Inquiry Panel Update Meeting with Political Parties 26 November 2019

26 November 2019

The Independent Neurology Inquiry Panel held an update meeting with political parties on the 26 November 2019 where they were provided with the following update:


  • The Inquiry Panel has met on 100 occasions to date;
  • The Inquiry Panel has met with 170 witness, these include 104 medical personnel, 34 non–medical personnel and 32 members of the public,
  • Pages of evidence to the Inquiry amounts to 62,500 pages, and
  • The Inquiry has received 196 responses to the questionnaire, with 107 occasions where information has been shared with other organisations who are carrying out associated reviews and investigations.


The Inquiry has scheduled a number of witnesses for the months ahead and continue to follow lines of enquiry.  The Inquiry continues to receive the full cooperation from all working within the Health Service, in line with the expectation of the Permanent Secretary at the Department of Health when the Inquiry was set up.

A further update will be given in 2020.


Notes to editors:

Technical queries on the work of the Inquiry may be addressed directly to the Secretary to the Inquiry, Geraldine Quinn by email to