Press Statement - Inquiry announces details of public engagement process

08 October 2018

Press statement on behalf of the Independent Neurology Inquiry

Chairman, Mr Brett Lockhart QC, announces details of public engagement process 

Today Monday 08/10/2018, the Chairman of the Independent Neurology Inquiry Panel, Mr Brett Lockhart QC and his co-panellist Professor Hugo Mascie-Taylor, announced the details of the Inquiry’s public engagement process for patients, former patients, relatives of patients and health care workers who have had experience of neurology services in the Greater Belfast area before or since 2008 up until June 2018.

Mr Lockhart launched the engagement process by saying;

Whilst this is not a statutory Inquiry we have been determined to interpret our remit in a manner which takes into account the voices of patients and others who have had experience of neurology services within the Greater Belfast area.  At the very outset of our appointment I made it clear that we would examine the most appropriate mechanism for engaging with the important voice of patients and core users of the Neurology services.

Today we are opening our public engagement process by making available questionnaires which may be downloaded from the Inquiry website or may be accessed through the Neurological Charities Alliance or from the office of your local MLA.  We want this to be a meaningful process. 

“I would like to thank the Neurological Charities Alliance for their support and for being part of the consultation process.  I would also like to thank the elected representatives from right across the political spectrum for their positive engagement with the Panel over the past number of months and for making the feedback forms available from their offices too.

“The engagement process will open from lunch time today and will last eight weeks until 07 December 2018. For those who need additional help we have a dedicated telephone number 0300 200 7829.

We are resolved to working our way through the evidence presented to us as expeditiously as possible over the coming months.”

Statement ends.

Notes to Editors:

  1. The launch will be accompanied by an advertising campaign on both radio and print media.
  2. Any background on the Inquiry may be found on
  3. The phone number is 0300 200 7829
  4. Media enquiries to Tom Kelly  Mob: 07767 393 250.